Star Wars: The Last Jedi?
Advance tickets are now on sale. Previews 12/14, opens 12/15.
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Lark Theater     (415) 924-5111
549 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur
Bargain Matinee
Dunkirk   Rated PG-13    IMDb link
  Saturday   8:30  
  Sunday   10:30AM  
  Monday   4:00  
  Thursday   1:00  
The Fencer
   Not Rated   
IMDb link
  Monday   8:40  
  Thursday   11:00AM  
LoveLive! Sunshine!! Aqours 2nd Concert   Not Rated   
  Saturday   4:00  
She Loves Me   Not Rated    Broadway HD   
  Saturday   1:00  
A Silent Voice   Not Rated    IMDb link
  Sunday   5:00  
  Thursday   5:30  
The Trip To Spain   Not Rated    IMDb link
  Saturday   10:30AM  
  Monday   1:45  
  Wednesday   8:40  
Victoria & Abdul   Rated PG-13    IMDb link
  Sunday   7:45  
  Monday   11:30AM  
  Tuesday   12:50  
  Wednesday   4:00  
California Typewriter   Not Rated    IMDb link
  Monday   6:20  
  Tuesday   10:50AM  
  Thursday   3:10  
Le Corsaire (Bolshoi)   Not Rated    Bolshoi Ballet   
  Sunday   12:55  
  Tuesday   7:30  
Ludwig (1973)   Rated PG    IMDb link
  Tuesday   3:00  
  Wednesday   11:00AM  
  Thursday   8:00  
Raphael   Not Rated   
  Wednesday   6:30