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  Theaters     Schedule is valid from   September 20   through   September 27   unless otherwise noted.
It was last updated September 20  
Lark Theater     (415) 924-5111
549 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur
Bargain Matinee
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)   Rated G    Academy Award® winner, AFI's 100 Greatest Movies    IMDb link
  Thursday   3:00  
An American in Paris - The Musical   Not Rated   
  Thursday   6:30  
  Saturday - Sunday   1:00  
Puzzle   Rated R    IMDb link
  Thursday   12:45  
Three Identical Strangers   Rated PG-13    IMDb link
  Thursday   10:45AM  
  Monday   12:15  
  Wednesday   4:15  
Cakemaker   Not Rated    IMDb link
  Friday   12:15  
  Saturday   6:20  
  Sunday   10:15AM  
  Monday   6:40  
  Tuesday   1:40  
  Wednesday   9:00  
Dog Days   Rated PG    IMDb link
  Friday   2:30  
  Monday   4:15  
  next Thursday   10:30AM  
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again   Rated PG-13    IMDb link
  Friday   4:45  
  Saturday   8:40  
  Tuesday   11:15AM  
McQueen   Rated R    IMDb link
  Saturday   10:15AM  
  Monday   9:00  
  next Thursday   12:50  
RBG   Rated PG    IMDb link
  Saturday   4:10  
  Tuesday   6:00  
  Wednesday   10:15AM  
Won't You Be My Neighbor?   Rated PG-13    IMDb link
  Friday   10:15AM  
  Monday   2:15  
  Wednesday   12:15  
Eighth Grade   Rated R    IMDb link
  Sunday   6:20  
  Monday   10:15AM  
  Tuesday   4:00  
Filmworker   Not Rated    IMDb link
  Sunday   8:30  
  Wednesday   2:15  
Imagine (1972)   Not Rated    IMDb link
  Sunday   4:20  
King Lear   Not Rated    National Theatre Live   
  next Thursday   6:30  
Manhattan Short Film Festival   Not Rated   
  next Thursday   3:15  
Neil Young: Heart of Gold   Rated PG    IMDb link
  October 4   7:30